Sunday, March 3, 2013

Graze Box Review: Lightbox #5

My Graze Lightbox #5 showed up one day after box #4 - indeed, it's been a busy week for Graze boxes. I really liked this box - it contained one of my all-time favorite snacks. The four snacks in this week's box were: Summer Berry Compote, Poached Pear, Super Fruit Tangtastic and Shangri-La:
The four snacks were less than 150 calories each since the box is light and I found them to offer a great balance in terms of variety of tastes: sweet, tangy, nutty... Here are the individual snacks:
Summer Berry Compote: with wholemeal shortbread
I love Graze dips and this one did not disappoint.  The shortbread was fresh, crispy and just slightly sweetened. The tangy compote was the perfect complement to the shortbread. One of my "love" snacks.
Poached Pear with Vanilla: Pear, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon raisins
This snack was delicious - one of my all-time favorite Graze snacks so far! I could have eaten a double portion and wouldn't have felt guilty at all - at only 106 calories. It was crunchy, and sweet with a bit of zest from the lemon raisins, and let's not forget the glazed vanilla pumpkin seeds - just perfection!
Super Fruit Tangtastic: Green mango, cherry raisins and blackcurrentsI liked this tangy super fruit snack. Initially I thought it'd be too tangy for my taste but it was very fresh and I found it different and interesting. 

Shangri-La: Lingonberries, pineapple, almond slices & pumpkin seeds
Another "like" for me. I love Graze dried pineapple and this snacks offers a good balance of dried fruit and nuts. Yummy!

My verdict: I really loved this Graze box - a great mix of various snacks. The Poached Pear with vanilla was my absolute favorite - I hope to receive it many more times in my next boxes.

Are you Graze-ing? Have you tried the Poached Pear with vanilla yet?


  1. would love to "graze" but still waiting on the list... any chance you have a valid invite code?

    1. Hi Kimberlee. Since Graze has limited the number of invites to four, currently I don't have any more invites to "give out". If that changes, I'd definitely post about it. Thanks for reading.