Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Graze Box Review: Lightbox #4

This week has been a busy one for Graze snack boxes! My Graze Box #4 arrived in the mail yesterday - again, about a week later than expected but since box #3 also arrived later, it's totally fine. While it wasn't my favorite box so far, I liked box #4. Take a look:
I'm not sure if I've said that before but I really like Graze packaging and presentation - the box is compact, Eco-friendly and "oh so" cute! Now to the contents of this box: Fruity Mango Chutney, Banoffee Pie, Tropical Daiquiri and Apple Crumble.
Fruity Mango Chutney: includes mango chutney with black pepper dippers
I liked the mango chutney (a bit spicy) but I absolutely disliked the black pepper dippers because of... well, the black pepper. I don't like black pepper and in this snack, it was way too over-powering everything else. I actually dipped some crackers I had at home in the mango chutney and it was tasty. Unfortunately, because of the black pepper, that snack goes to my "trash" list.
Banoffee Pie: Banana, fudge, almonds & pecans
I liked this one - it's an interesting combination with the super-mini square fudge pieces (caramel-flavored). It is definitely on the sweeter side of the spectrum compared to other light Graze snacks.
Tropical Daiquiri: Green mango, lime raisins and pineapple
I really liked this one - tropical indeed, a bit zesty from the lime and also not sweet at all, since the dried fruit has no added sugar (love that!). It's a very refreshing snack - I tried it with my favorite Chobani yoghurt and it was yummy! 
Eleanor's Apple Crumble: Apple, raisins & cinnamon honey almonds
That was my favorite snack from this box. It's the perfect healthy dessert snack - the non-sweetened dried apples go very well with the naturally sweet raisins and honey almonds. A perfect balance of crunchy and chewy, Eleanor's Apple Crumble is forever on my "love" list!

My verdict: I continue to like Graze... a lot. While I do prefer to have more of my "like" and "love" snacks included in my boxes, I've found that I actually don't mind having the opportunity to "try" some new snacks and discover my taste for them... That seems to be part of Graze's philosophy and I think it's a good one - in that way, I have found some "snack gems" I absolutely loved when I initially thought I'd just want to try them.  
If you want to try Graze, it is currently by invitation only. You can sign up and get your first box for free with my invite code 4DCWNCRD (Graze has put a limit on the number of invites we can give out, but I believe I have one more left).

What did you think of the snacks in this Graze box? If you get Graze, what snacks would you recommend?

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