Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love With Food March 2013 Review

This is my first Love with Food box and I was impatient and excited to receive it! If you are not familiar with this food sub, here's the gist:

The Box: Love with Food
Get a box of gourmet food shipped to you monthly, with new flavors curated with a different theme every month.
Price: $12 / month ($10 + $2 / shipping)
Highlights: *gourmet food; *shop full-size products at a discount; *meal donated with every box; *earn credit points from reviews

This month's Love with Food theme is Classics with a Twist and the box was filled with "classic bites and sips with surprising new twists". Here is the box filled to the brim:
It included a cute information card detailing all of the treats included in the box. I received a total of eight items.
Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie from Emily's Chocolates
I love good fortune cookies - not just for the fortunes - and have never had one covered in chocolate. This was my favorite treat from this box - so yummy and crunchy, I wished there were more than one included. I would gladly buy more!
Granola from Ola! Foods
I am a big granola fan - especially for breakfast. While I prefer nut varieties, this vanilla one is tasty and not too sweet.

Chocolate Covered Wasabi Peas from Chocwasabi
I was not too sure about this snack, but I absolutely loved it! It's an interesting combination - it is definitely more chocolate-y than I expected. I would love a dark chocolate variety, as well. This was one of my favorite treats from the box.
Fruit & Veggies Juice from Kids 50
My 5-year old is not a big juice drinker, so I'm not sure if she'll want to try that. I might try it though. It's apple, carrot & acerola berry blend.
Salted Caramel Baked Corn Cosmos Creations
I thought I'd like this one more than I actually did. It was just too sweet and salty for me... while I do like combos like that, I found this one just a bit too much of both.
Green Tea Infuser from Revolution Tea
I got Acai Green tea with fruit flavors. I like tea in winter, so I'll give this a try. The packaging is really cute.
Wheat- and Gluten-free Crackers from Mary's Gone
I love crackers and these were a winner. This was my second-favorite item from this box - super crunchy, packed with nutritious grains and simply delicious crackers.
Wild Berry Flat Fruit from Wacky Apple
This was tangy and sweet at the same time, very pleasant. I shared this with my mom and my daughter and we all liked it.

My verdict: I liked my first Love with Food box a lot! The number and quality of the goodies was great! I found some new treats that I really enjoyed and that I'd gladly purchase in the future. And, a meal was donated because I purchased my box. If you'd like to try Love with Food, you can sign through my referral link here. Thanks!

What did you think of this month Love with Food? If you are subscribed to more than one food subs, what are your favorites and why?

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