Saturday, March 23, 2013

Goodies Taster's Box March Review

Today I received my first Goodies Co. Taster's Box! I've been on the waiting list for some time and I was really excited to see what was in my March box. Although I have no grounds for comparison (except for some of the reviews I've read on previous boxes), I can say I'm pleased with my first Goodies box. Take a look:
This month's theme is breakfast. The included card encouraged us to "break out of your breakfast rut .. with this month's collection of Goodies...". The box was quite heavy and once I opened it, I knew why. One of the items was a full-size fruit drink. Also, I was familiar with half of the eight items included. Here is a detailed list of my goodies:

Alo Water Watermelon & Peach ($11.99 / pack of 6)
A fruit-flavored drink with aloe vera. While I wasn't too exctied about the heaviest item in the box since I am not a fan of juices or flavored drinks, this one tasted better than expected. It wasn't too sweet and you could taste the watermelon and peach. Both my husband and my mom agreed with me. I can see how this could be a refreshing breakfast drink in the summer...

Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves ($4.99 / 13 oz. jar)
This is one of my family's favorite preserves brands, we buy different varieties all the time. While this item was not new to me, I liked it and the fact that the sample was in a cute mini jar was an added bonus. Once the jam is gone, my daughter loves to use these jars in her pretend kitchen play.

Ola Handbaked Granola, vanilla ($5.99 / 9 oz. bag)
I already sampled this product in my Love with Food March box. I'm a huge granola lover and while this particular kind did not wow me with anything in particular, I like the fact that it's not too sweet. I'd add it to my usual granola, just as I did with my other sample.
Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookie, peanut butter ($7.80/ 6 - 3 oz. cookies)
I love peanut butter and was really glad to get to try this cookie. This is the item I ate almost immediately (after all, it was mid-afternoon and my sugar rush craving had already kicked in). It was very tasty and only ~ 100 calories; made with whole oats and sweetened with fruit puree, it was not sugary at all. I could definitely see myself having a couple of those mini's with my morning coffee. This is my favorite item I've discovered from this box.

Rickland Orchard Greek Yoghurt Coated Granola Bar ($6.49 / pack of 5)
Similar to granola, I also like granola bars and occasionally have one for breakfast. I've never heard of this brand before, so I was curious to try it. It was with toasted coconut and I liked that part a lot. While I liked the yoghurt coating, I thought it made it a bit too sweet for my taste.

Jovan's All Natural Instant Breakfast, cocoa ($7.99 / pack of 5)
I have to admit that I don't typically buy any instant-type drinks / foods. Still, I'll give this one a try (it is, after all, chocolate flavored!) and see how I like it.

BelVita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Biscuits ($3.99 / pack of 5)
I'm not only familiar with BelVita - I love them (some flavors more than others) and often have them for breakfast. My favorite are the chocolate and the oats varieties, but I don't mind the cinnamon, as well. One package contains four biscuits - a perfect breakfast portion., although occasionally I'll reach for a second one...
Nabisco Newtons Triple Berry ($4.49 / pack of 6)
I've had the fig newtons before and I like them, however we don't have them regularly in our home. The included sample is triple berry which I haven't tried, so hoping it'd be tasty.  

My verdict: While I was not overwhelmed with excitement, I did like my first Goodies box. From a discovery point of view, the box didn't offer anything super new or surprising, but I did discover something I really liked - the Erin Baker's Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookie. Also, I appreciated the variety of the items included and was happy to get some of my faves such as BelVita and Bonne Maman. Finally, at just $7 / month, the value of this box can't be beaten.

Are you subscribed to Goodies? What did you think of this month's box? What are your favorite breakfast foods?

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