Subscription Boxes Directory

My initial Subscription Boxes Directory is ready! 

The “boxes” in this directory are segmented in twelve (12) major categories. If a box belongs to more than one category, I’ve classified it to the one that best reflects its major focus (e.g. True Beauty box is under Eco-friendly rather than under Beauty boxes). Then, for each subscription box, I have included the i) name / website, ii) short description, iii) the price and iv) some highlights. That last point is my attempt to differentiate, if at all possible, the given subscription box from the rest in the batch. When I was researching the “myriad” of boxes out there, I found myself putting down some short summary notes on each to help me remember it based on key data points. 

The categories highlighted in bold below are ready and include about 110 subscription boxes.
  1. Lifestyle boxes (span multiple sub-categories: home, beauty, food, fashion, fitness & health, etc.)
  2. Home boxes (entertaining / decorating / arts & collectibles, stationary etc.)
  3. Beauty boxes (makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrance)
  4. Mom, Baby & Kids boxes (includes mom-to-be, new mom, baby, kids’ crafts, kids’ clothing boxes)
  5. Food & Drink boxes (snacks, food-only, coffee, tea)
  6. Fashion boxes (clothing, accessories)
  7. Indie / Homemade boxes
  8. Crafts / Hobbies / DIY boxes
  9. Eco-friendly / Green / Health-conscious boxes (some span across categories)
  10. Men (span more than one category, e.g. fashion, beauty, clothing, but exclusively focused on men)
  11. Pets
  12. “Special” Category boxes: “Time-of-the-month”, “Adult”, Miscellaneous
I’m working on the rest of the categories, so check back soon.

The Box: Popsugar Must Have Box 
PopSugar Must Have Box delivers hand-selected full-time items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food worth $100+. 
Price: $35 / month 
Highlights: *full-size premium items worth at least $100; *surprise element; *a good mix / variety of items
That is my personal favorite – I like the variety, the surprise element, the great value and the fact that it is truly a “lifestyle” box. Even if I don’t end up liking an item that much, I can (and have) use it as a gift. 
Discount Code: For $5 off your first box, use code REFER5 and sign up here. 

The box: Quarterly 
Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that lets you subscribe to people you find interesting and, once every three months, they will send you a package that is a “blend of original, exclusive and consumer items” right to your doorstep. 
Price: $25 - $100 (varies depending on the contributor you subscribe to) 
Highlights: *ability to choose one of the influential contributors featured - famous authors, bloggers, journalists; *some of the items are exclusive to Quarterly (est. 2012) 

The box: Cravebox 
“The ultimate product discovery service delivers themed, curated boxes with unique finds relevant to your interests, occasions, activities”. Types of boxes include: Little Ones, New Mom, Beauty, Book Lovers, Teen Time, Coffee Lovers, etc. 
Price: $12-$18, including shipping 
Highlights: *spans a wide range of categories / occasions / events; *sign up and enter a drawing once a “new box” is available, or purchase some of the “instant boxes” available; *ability to see what’s included in the “instant boxes” (est. 12/2011) 

The box: The Fancy 
The Fancy Box features a collection of some of the most fancy'd items, curated by the fancy community. Each box includes $80.00+ of products in the categories of your choice. As of 2/2013, the Fancy just launched a food subscription box where each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products (anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces) along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions. 
Price: $39 / month 
Highlights: *items entirely curated by the startup’s over 2 million users; *offers flexibility, namely: you can change your categories and preferences from month to month and thus, get a different set of items. 

The box: SeasonsBox 
The tagline is: “A discovery platform for seasonal must-haves for your home, body, and spirit.” Each box is curated with 3-5 luxurious environmentally friendly full size products, and each month's box is completely different and tailored to one season (winter, spring, summer, or autumn), or seasonal holidays and occasions (Valentine’s Day, etc.). 
Price: $34.90 / month 
Highlights: *focus on healthy and eco-friendly products; *themed by season and /or special occasion / holiday 
My take on it: Of all the lifestyle boxes that I am not subscribed to, this one has the greatest appeal – I find the products in past boxes to be really unique, high-quality brands I have not heard of before but am eager to try based on the description. 

The Box: Hammock Pack 
Every month you’ll receive a surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a much-needed getaway without even leaving your home. Whether it’s as simple as a movie night or mementos from that exotic vacation you can’t find the time to take. So relax and let a little “me time” come to you. 
Price: $25 / month 
Highlights: *monthly surprise pack for the travel enthusiast; *different vacation theme each month, e.g. – Italy, bed & breakfast, ski lodge, etc.

The Box: Dazzley Box 
A fairly new subscription service, Dazzley is a box for women and includes 5 or more surprise items. It includes beauty, food, or innovative products. Also, it always includes at least one piece of jewelry. Boxes are always valued at over $40. 
Price: $24.99 / month 
Highlights: *5+ items, always a jewelry piece; *$40+ box value; *beauty / food / innovative products

The Box: FabFitFun VIP
A new lifestyle subscription, where every season you will receive a gift box filled with full-sized beauty, fitness, fashion and wellness items, hand-selected by Guliana Rancic and the FabFitFun Team
Price: $49.99 / quarter
Highlights: *items worth $100+; *full-sized 'hottest seasonal items'
Discount code: FAB10 for $10 off your first box

The Box: Celebrate Crate 
The tagline reads “Inspiration delivered to your doorstep” and each month, you get a box filled with 4-6 supplies plus inspirational ideas. Everything needed for your celebration is included – from party paraphernalia, to dessert décor, to gifting gear; plus DYI instructions and tutorials. 
Price: $20 / month 
Highlights: *DIY / crafts appeal; *all materials for project included

The Box: Candles Voyage 
Delivers a monthly box which includes five or more artisan candles crafted by various makers from far and wide across the US. 
Price: $25 
Highlights: *focus on artisan, hand-made, fragrant candles from small producers 

The Box: Just the Right Book 
A monthly book subscription service that offers hand selected books “ from the best and newest books” for you by choosing books that match your reading style. You can select from various categories. 
Price: Varies 
Highlights: *highly customized and personalized subscription, it grew out of "hyper-local" memberships, where local merchants will offer a subscription but without the shipping cost"; *if the book you receive is not “just right”, you can return it for another selection. 

The Box: H.Bloom 
A subscription flower delivery service, the company claims to be “the fastest growing luxury flower and plant service in the world”, hiring the “best flower designers” and having a team of dedicated Account Managers for its subscribers. 
Price: Varies by bouquet: $35 (Classic); $48 (Contemporary); $65 (Exotic); $85 (Orchid); 
Highlights: *while H.Bloom does cater to individuals, its focus is more a b2b one, with hotels, restaurants, offices being most of its clients; *option to set up your schedule – weekly, monthly, etc.

The Box: HomeMint 
HomeMint gives you exclusive access to the style and design expertise of Justin Timberlake and Estee Stanley, renowned celebrity stylist and interior designer. It works in 3 steps: 1) you take a free Home StyleProfile so that they can recommend pieces for your space, then 2) each month, Justin and Estee select the pieces to match your style, so that you can finally 3) shop their pieces. 
Price: Varies based on decorating style, pieces selected, budget, etc. 
Highlights: This is not exactly a subscription “box”, but more like a personal stylist for your home.

(Home: Arts, Collectibles & Stationary Subscriptions)

The Box: Pen Pop Press 
Pen Pop Press selects vintage and obscure magazines for collectors and the curious. Each month, you’ll receive a magazine from that month but a previous year. Included in each mailing is an envelope of ephemera containing related photos, postcards, and pamphlets and a brief newsletter. 
Price: From $15 / month 
Highlights: *vintage magazines for collectors; * ‘Kooky Aunt,' ‘Cranky Uncle,’ or 'Digital Digest.' Subscriptions; * via 

The Box: Collectible Polaroid by She Hit Pause Print Club 
Matt Schwartz of she hit pause studios takes large-format Polaroids, pulls apart the film and rubs the negatives onto watercolor paper, creating dreamlike transfers. Each quarter, you'll receive a different signed 4x5" print, matted in 8x10", along with a collectible surprise related to the image. Think of it as a quarterly photographic Cracker Jack box. 
Price: $35 / quarter 
Highlights: *collectors appeal; *print + surprise included; *ability to choose one of 5 themes or be surprised; *via 

The Box: Turning Art 
As a member you can bring new art into your home, as often as you want, for as little as $10 a month 
Price: $10 or $20 / month (depending on size of art work) 
Highlights: *membership earns equivalent credit for buying originals/ prints; *renting art prints that suit your taste; *swapping pieces as often as you want; *comes ready to hang 

The Box: Artsicle 
Artsicle lets you get personalized art picks from their curators based on your art taste, and then rent your favorite pieces for as short as a month or as long as you want. 
Price: Starting at $25 / month 
Highlights: *original artwork; *focus on discovering art and supporting artist; *rent the piece for as long as you want

The Box: Papirmasse 
Papirmasse is a subscription that delivers a monthly print with art on the front & writing on the back for the incredible price of $5 a month in North America & $10 a month overseas. 
Price: $5 / month (need 12-month commitment) 
Highlights: *focus on affordability of art; *one-year long subscriptions only, include 12 art prints

The Box: TOTA Press 
A handmade letterpress card subscription, TOTA Press sends you 2 custom-designed and hand-printed cards every month that you can use for any occasion. 
Price: $10 / month 
Highlights: *2 cards included; *focus on unique + handmade; *good for any occasion cards

The Box: Nicely Noted 
A stationary subscription service that delivers a curated batch of letterpress cards to your mailbox every month. The delivery includes three high quality letterpress cards three beautiful stamps to make it that much easier to get those notes in the mail. 
Price: $18 / month 
Highlights: *3 cards + 3 stamps included; *good for any occasion

The Box: Birchbox 
Birchbox is one of the first and currently, the leading beauty subscription service that sends monthly 4-6 high-end beauty and lifestyle samples from top brands 
Price: $10 / month 
Highlights: *the leading beauty subscription box; *positions itself as a discovery platform offering consumers a personalized way to discover and shop the best beauty products on the market; *4-6 deluxe samples; *customization based on beauty profile; *no ability to select products; *referral system 

The Box: Ipsy 
Created by Michelle Phan, Ipsy sends a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and create along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. 
Price: $10 / month 
Highlights: *4-5 deluxe samples + full size products; *mostly makeup; * focus on customization, beauty profile; *no ability to select products but able to change beauty profile

The Box: Glossybox 
Each month, Glossybox curates a box of 5 luxury travel-sized luxury beauty products for you to lather, blend, soak, spray, buff, and groom. 
Price: $21 / month 
Highlights: *focus on niche & luxury beauty products; *travel-sized; *personalization based on beauty profile; *referral system: *in 15 other countries

The Box: Beauty Bar’s Sample Society 
Receive 5 fresh deluxe-sized items from luxury brands to try at home, then shop the product or brand with an included $15 gift code, and receive your must-haves with free shipping. 
Price: $15 / month 
Highlights: *5 deluxe-sized multiple-use items; *$15 gift code; *expert information with a mini-mag included in the bag 

The Box: Beauty Army 
A monthly subscription box that lets you choose up to 6 deluxe size beauty samples based on your personalized beauty profile 
Price: $12 / month 
Highlights: *up to 6 sample size products; *ability to select all the samples; *personalization based on beauty profile & ability to re-take profile for a different sample selection; *discounts for reviews 

The Box: Beauty Box 5 
Receive 4-5 monthly samples of your favorite beauty brands 
Price: $12 / month 
Highlights: *4-5 sample size products; *reward referral system 

The Box: New Beauty Test Tube 
‘The ultimate beauty sampling program, Test Tube subscribers receive a variety of the best deluxe and full-sized beauty products plus the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine every three months. 
Price: $29.95 / quarter (+S&H) 
Highlights: *quarterly; *full and deluxe size products; *video-emails + tutorials included; *contents of Test Tube known in advance 

The Box: Starbox by Starlooks
Subscribers receive a box filled with 3-4 full size pieces of STARLOOKS brand makeup (plus some fun, little extras). Each month will include a different mix of product types including colors, styles, formulas, etc. 
Price: $15 / month 
Highlights: *makeup only sub-category; *3-4 full size items; *no ability to select products; *no customization / beauty profile; *referral points 

The Box: Beautfix  
With Beautyfix, you receive up to $400 worth of products every season. You need to create your account, then browse the products that their panel of experts has chosen for the season and finally select 8 products that will be shipped directly to your door. 
Price: $49.99 / quarter 
Highlights: *quarterly; *ability to select products; *customization based on beauty profile 

The Box: Loose Button LuxeBox 
Receive 7-8 sample size products every season (3 months), handpicked by their beauty experts 
Price: $26 / quarterly 
Highlights: *7-8 sample size products, higher-end beauty; *quarterly 

The Box:  
A monthly full-size makeup or fashion jewelry box that sends on-trend products from unique, specialty, and premium brands, hand-selected just for you by Wantable’s curators 
Price: $36 / month 
Highlights: *two sub-categories: makeup or fashion jewelry; *customized based on your profile / preferences; *4-6 full size makeup products; *4-5 boutique jewelry items; *$80-$100 in value 

The Box: MakeupMonthly 
Marketed as the “web’s best cosmetics of the month club”, MakeupMonthly sends you monthly cosmetics from leading brands for less than the retail price, tailored to you based on a one-time questionnaire 
Price: Starts at $18 / month 
Highlights: *markets itself as more of “the month club” & 30% off retail; *options to pick a sub-category – nail club, cosmetic club and beauty care club; *3-month subscriptions are the shortest available 

The Box: “Of the Month’s”
The brand offers a type of monthly subscription, where each month it releases a new color (available only that month) and subscribers to this "OTM" service will get the first chance to see it. Only about 100 of these subscriptions are available 
Price: $6 / month 
Highlights: *makeup only: *one exclusive to the month color: *only 100 available

(Beauty Boxes Tailored to Women of Color)
The Box: Sahshe 
Sahshe’s mission is to provide women of color with a fun, convenient, and affordable way to optimize their hair care, skin care, and cosmetics regimens. It delivers a chic bag of 4-5 deluxe samples catering exclusively to women with rich complexions and textured hair. 
Price: $12 / month 
Highlights: *caters to women of color; *4-5 deluxe samples; *customization based on beauty quiz 

The Box: Angel Beauty Box 
Offers an innovative, fun and affordable way for women of color to sample beauty products from established and emerging name brands. The delivery includes 5-7 samples 
Price: $20 / month 
Highlights: *caters to women of color; *5-7 samples; *beauty profile; *ability to shop full-size product (coming soon to their website); 

The Box: My Shade of Brown 
The company partners with the best cosmetic companies (established and new) that make products suitable for women of color and delivers 4-5 premium samples hand-picked for you each month 
Price: $10 / month 
Highlights: *tailored to women of color; *4-5 premium sized samples; 

The Box: CurlBox 
An exclusive and affordable way to explore new products for curly hair, CurlBox subscribers receive 5-7 quality hair product samples every month 
Price: $20 / month 
Highlights: *focused on curly hair sub-category; *established and new-coming brands; *5-7 sample products; *currently, no customization of boxes

(Nail Polish / Nail Art Beauty Boxes)
The Box: Julep Maven by Julep
Take a style quiz and each month, the experts at Julep hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, cult favorites and cutting-edge beauty products that are just right for you. NEW: Julep just introduced the Modern Beauty Box (to replace its American Beauty profile) to include brand-new beauty products instead of nail polish 
Price: $19.95 / month 
Highlights: *ability to preview products based on style profile and select a different style; *additional extras; *20% + free shipping on; *Modern Beauty Box
Discount Code: Try your first box for free with code FREEBOX

The Box: SquareHue 
A monthly nail polish subscription box, SquareHue delivers a unique, curated collection of 3 full size premium nail colors. 
Price: $21 
Highlights: Focus on “clean formula” nail polish (“3-Free” Clean formula – does not contain (1) DBP, (2) Formaldehyde, (3) Toluene); no choice of colors 

The Box: Nail Art Society 
A monthly nail art subscription that delivers latest tools, polishes, and nail accessories for you to recreate current nail trends at home. 
Price: $19.95 
Highlights: Not just nail polish, but nail art; access to exclusive Q&A, tutorials, etc.; focus on creativity & social sharing

The Box: Citrus Lane 
Receive a themed monthly box of the best products for your little one, tailored to your child’s age and stage (from newborn to 3 years old) 
Price: $25 / month 
Highlights: *tailored to child’s age / stage; *newborn to age 3; *quality brands included – food, toys, books, clothing, etc. 

The Box: Bluum 
Receive a themed box of best-in-class full size and deluxe size products tailored to your child’s age – Bluum Baby (up to 12 months) and Bluum Toddler (13+ months) boxes available 
Price: $24.95 / month 
Highlights: *only full size products in baby box starting 03/13; *can add children to a box for better savings 

The Box: The Honest Company  
Built by parents and for parents (Jessica Alba is one of the founders), the Honest Company currently offers a Diapers Bundle and a Essentials Bundle  monthly subscriptions – both include safer, affordable, eco-friendly products that are also really gorgeous. 
Price: $35.95 / month (Essentials Bundle), $79.95 month (Diapers bundle) 
Highlights: *manufactures its own products; *sustainable & eco-friendly 

The Box: Lucky Mama Boxes  
Lucky Mama Boxes offer handpicked, high-quality essentials for pregnant and new moms and their babies. The products and samples are typically healthier or more eco-friendly alternatives to big brands and are often mom-invented products. 
Price: $25 / one time 
Highlights: *tailored to moms-to-be and new moms; *healthier products / samples; *currently only nursing essentials box, soon to add mom-to-be and newborn essentials boxes; *it seems like a one-time box

(Kids Crafts / Activities / Books Subscriptions)

The Box: Kiwi Crate 
Join and each month, receive a crate filled with materials and inspiration for your child to have fun and create hands-on projects. The crates are designed around fun themes and filled with all of the materials and inspiration for your child to explore arts & crafts, science activities, imaginative play, and more. 
Price: $19.95 / month 
Highlights: *hands-on projects with all materials; *various themes – arts & crafts, science, imaginative; *great reviews; *a sibling add-on for $7.95 

The Box: Little Pnuts 
Little Pnuts delivers 3-5 of the best sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys for your child (newborn to age 5). They don’t offer battery operated toys or the traditional big brand market toy.  
Price: $25 / month ($75 / quarter) 
Highlights: *sustainable, eco-friendly kid toys; *tailored to baby / child age & developmental needs; *newborn to age 5 

The Box: BabbaBox 
Activities for kids ages 3 to 7, sent to your door each month, with all the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Each box includes four components: create, explore, story tell and connect 
Price: $29.99 / month (50% off annual membership) 
Highlights: *hands-on projects with all materials; *book for story tell; *ages 3 to 7 

The Box: Little Passports 
Your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure, Little Passports subscription inspires love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a geography, history, culture, and language in a fun way. There are two subscriptions packages: World Edition (Sam and Sofia travel to a new country every month) and USA Edition (Sam and Sofia visit two new states every month) 
Price: $11.95 to $13.95 / month 
Highlights: *geography / history / culture adventure for your child; *World (age 5-10) or USA (age 7-12) editions; 

The Box: Green Kids Crafts 
Fun and earth-friendly craft kits for ages 3 to 8. Each monthly box comes with 3 unique project kits designed to boost creativity, build confidence and engage kids with nature. 
Price: $19.95 / month 
Highlights: *eco- and earth-friendly craft kits; *ages 3 to 8; *each kit includes 3 projects 

The Box: Gickey Box 
The Gickey Box is a monthly subscription of crafts, activities, and fun.  Each themed box is delivered straight to your home and provides all of the materials and supplies needed to truly engage your child. Convenient, smart, and age-appropriate: age groups are: 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 
Price: $39.99 + / month
Highlights: *4 age-appropriate crafts; *games and activities; *child-friendly recipe; *special surprise gift 

The Box: My Giggle Box 
Offers interactive boxes that are packed full of activities and projects every month for your little ones to dig in to. Focus is on building creativity, hands-on learning, exploration and sharing. Two kits available: Standard (1 craft, 1 activity, the giving project, coloring sheet, one recipe) and Ultimate Activity kits 
Price: $24.99 to $29.99 / month 
Highlights: *activity & craft kit box; *all materials included; *variations for activity kits 

The Box: Sproutkin 
Sproutkin delivers the best books & toys that are carefully selected and educator approved, for children 0-6 years old. Two box options: Infant & Toddler and Preschool 
Price: $24.99 / month 
Highlights: *books + toys; *customized based on child age (to the month); *focus on green toys 

The Box: Wummel Box 
A box of monthly arts & crafts projects that inspire for children aged 3 to 8, with ideas, illustrated instruction booklets and all materials included 
Price: $29.95 / month (for a 3-month subscription) 
Highlights: *3-4 arts & crafts projects; *age 3 to 8; *all materials included; *developed by experts

The Box: The Little Book Club
The "book club that grows with your child", The Little Book Club sends you 3 fantastic kid's books per month that are appropriate for your child their age and development level 
Price: $24.95 / month
Highlights:  *3 books / month based on child age / level (e.g. babies get image-heavy books, etc.; *different theme each month; *books based on lists created by educators / literary experts

The Box: Crafter's Crate
Targeted at girls, Crafter's Crate sends out a box of wonderful craft goodies, including jewelry, recipes and activities.
Price: $19.99 / month
Highlights: *a craft box for girls: *includes a mix of craft projects, recipes & activities
Discount Code: Use MYSUB for 50% off your first box

(Kids Clothing Subscriptions)

A kids’ clothing club that sends you a box full of 6 clothing items based on your child’s style profile and types of clothes needed; ability to communicate specific “style notes” with the Wittlebee stylist building your box. 
Price: $39.99 / month 
Highlights: *variety of brands, including higher-end (Tea, Lately Lily, etc.), *ability to do a split box between siblings; *newborn – 6T sizes; *NEW this month: ability to select some of the pieces to go into your box; *discounted member pricing on weekly deals, swaps, mystery sales; *ability to pause account / skip months 
Discount Code: Enjoy $10 off your first box when you sign through my invitation link 

The Box: FabKids 
It is a kid clothing subscription service that - based on your girl's style and preference - sends you a complete designed-in-house outfit every month. Each outfit includes 3 pieces for $39.95. You can buy the outfit you love or skip the month altogether. 
Price: $39.95 / month 
Highlights: *designed-in-house outfit based on child’s style profile; *size 2 to 12; *ability to skip the month; *Creative Partner Christina Applegate 
Discount Code: Use code DOCTORS50 for 50% off your first outfit 

The Box: pickybunny 
Receive a personalized monthly shipment of new or gently used baby clothes sizes Newborn – 5T, customized based on your baby style profile 
Price: $34.99 / month 
Highlights: *new or gently used clothes; *newborn – 5T sizes

5. Food & Drinks Subscription Boxes 
(Food & Snacks Subscriptions)

The Box: Graze Healthy Snacks 
Graze is a snack delivery service that sends a box of four nutritious snacks delivered to your door for free every. There are more than 90 snacks to choose from, ranging across nine different categories – dip & dippers, savory snacks, healthy treats, super seeds, etc. 
Price: $5 / box (weekly) 
Highlights: *weekly healthy; *focus on healthy portion-controlled high-variety snacks; two box options: Nibblebox, the regular option and Lightbox, the low calorie option 
Discount / Invitation Code: Graze is invitation only, you can get your first box for free with code 4DCWNCR (Graze is currently limiting number of invites, so code may not work)

The Box: Love with Food 
Get a box of gourmet food shipped to you monthly, with new flavors curated with a different theme every month. 
Price: $12 / month ($10 + $2 / shipping) 
Highlights: *gourmet food; *shop full-size products at a discount; *meal donated with every box; *earn credit points from reviews 
Discount Code: Use DISCOVERFOOD to get your first box free and just pay $2 for shipping. 

The Box: Goodies Co. Taster’s Box 
Goodies Co. helps you discover new foods you'll love. The box features 5-8 delicious new foods hand-picked and delivered directly to your doorstep 
Price: $7 / month 
Highlights: *best value food box; *ability to buy full-size items online; * variety of foods:  healthy, organic, artisan, and international; *Walmart company 

The Box: Healthy Surprise 
Receive a curated box each month filled with the best full size healthy snacks on the planet.
Three box options – Starter, Healthy and Large Box 
Price: from $33 / month + $6.99 shipping (larger boxes with free shipping) 
Highlights: *healthy snacks, larger multi-serving boxes; *assortment of snacks; *new snacks every month; *vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free
The Box: Sprigbox 
Sprig is a monthly subscription service that provides gluten free, organic and vegan nutritional snacks curated by people passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Three types of boxes available – Mini-Snacker, Snacker and Grand-Snacker 
Price: $26.95 / month (Mini-Snacker Box) 
Highlights: *vegan, organic and gluten free snacks; *sourced from small to medium size businesses 

The Box: Vegan Cuts
The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a new monthly subscription box that delivers the best vegan goodies right to your door.
Price: $19.95 / month
Highlights: *vegan snacks + non-food vegan goodies; *other “best vegan products” available on the website; *shipping to Canada for $8;

The Box: Mantry
The modern man’s pantry and small-batch food-of-the-month club, Mantry helps men discover artisan food in America and what to do with it. Each month, Mantry sends a selection of 6-8 full-size items curated to fit the modern man’s lifestyle.
Price: Varies
Highlights: *targeted at men; *focus on small-batch and discovering new food items; *100% made in America

The box includes a carefully curated box of recipes, sauces and spices to help you cook a dinner that’s less challenging to prepare and able to take you away from your routine.

Price: $34.95 / month

Highlights: *sauces, spices + recipes of the world; *not mainstream grocery store items, focus on not well known companies

The Box: Yumvelope
A natural snacks subscription, Yumvelope aims to send out some of the best-tasting, freshest and most natural food products to its customers monthly.
Price: $21 / month
Highlights: *natural snacks; *a minimum of 6 full-size items, including snacks, drinks and desserts

The Box: Bestowed Box
Bestowed Box delivers a box curated by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer to help you discover healthy foods you’ll love.
Price: $19 / month
Highlights: *best & healthiest nutrition and lifestyle products; 5+ healthy products in each box

The Box: Boxtera
Smart healthy snacking, a box of organic snacks, foods and sometimes a beverage delivered to your home or office.
Price: $35 / month + $5 shipping
Highlights: *organic snacks & foods; *appr. 25 servings; *mostly gluten free, sometimes vegan

The Box: New York Mouth
With the goal to help you find the best, most delicious and most interesting indie food products and to help indie makers grow their business, New York Mouth offers a number of different subscriptions – Chocolate Every Month, Cookies Every Night, New Indie Releases, Snacks Every Month, etc.
Price: Varies by subscription, starting ~ $120 - $135 for a 3-month subscription
Highlights: *focus on indie hand-crafted foods; *offers various subscriptions – more expensive than other monthly food boxes, though NYM does seem to offer some unique items

The Box: Paleo Pax
Each month, the curators from Paleo Pax hand-select five amazing paleo snacks from producers across the country and then the box ships to you on the 15th of the month
Price: From $18 / month
Highlights: *five paleo snacks; *member bonuses such as free paleo books, videos and more; *via

The Box: Peckish
Receive 3 full-sized packages of healthy nutritionist-approved snacks delivered to your desk
Price: $14.99 / box
Highlights: *full-size snacks; *delivery flexibility – weekly, every two weeks or monthly; *choice of snacks; *choice of boxes – light, sweet, etc.

The Box: Go Bites
GoBites provides you with a supply of healthy snacks, delivered to your home or workplace. Each GoBite is a portion controlled mini-meal made with the finest ingredients, most certified organic. Pick your favorites, up to 14 choices per box.
Price: $27.86 / 14 Go Bites
Highlights: *portion-controlled mini meals; *select your favorite snacks; *somewhat similar to Graze; *customize delivery frequency

The Box: Pairings Box
A curated food and music discovery experience, delivered to your door every month
Price: $25 + tax / month
Highlights: *Each box will include: A limited-edition, hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl single, an exclusive downloadable TK-curated digital mixtape, 1-2 Premium dried ingredients for you to make 2-4 servings of each dish or drink, three completely original, seasonal, themed recipes, suggested Pairings & Tasting Notes, and occasional treats

The Box: Candy Japan
Surprise candy, sent twice a month from Japan with free worldwide shipping
Price: $23.95 / month
Highlights: *surprise candy; *explanation videos included; *weight varies, depending on what fits in an envelope

The Box: The Jungle Stand - Tasting Bar
The original monthly tasting bar, each month the Jungle Stand sends you a BAR with bite-sized samples for you to taste and to experience.
Price: $9.92 / month + free shipping
Highlights: *a tasting food sub; *includes 6 tastes in a bar; *focus on discovering new flavors

The Box: Trade as One
A curated selection of 12-15 high quality, ethically sourced, and healthy grocery and body care items. 
Price: $99 / quarter
Highlights: *12-15 full-size grocery & body care items: *focus on ethically sourced; *each season features a selected product + detailed booklet with info, recipes & producer profiles

(Coffee, Tea and Drink Subscriptions)
The Box: Craft Coffee
Receive 4oz from each of 3 different artisan roasters of the world’s best coffee, delivered to your door monthly.
Price: $24.99 / month
Highlights: *12 oz. of artisan coffee (enough for 42 cups of coffee); *custom tasting notes + expert brew tips included (experts said to evaluate over 50 coffees each month)

The Box: Regular Coffee 
Receive a tube of delicious, fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee (1.5 lbs.) every month delivered right to your door.
Price: $20 / month
Highlights: * sourced from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala; *shipped immediately after roasting (out of Michigan)

The Box: Tea Sparrow
Every month, Tea Sparrow samples the world's best loose leaf teas to deliver the tastiest to your door (four teas included).
Price: $20 / month
Highlights: *4 carefully selected loose leaf teas; *tea box averages 25 cups of tea; *each box includes both herbal and caffeinated blends

The Box: Handmade Tea
A tea subscription for foodies, where a brand-new, handcrafted blend is delivered to you every month
Price: $12.95 / month (mini: ~ 15 cups); $19.95 / month (full: ~ 30 cups)
Highlights: *handcrafted blend each month; *tasting notes and taste-along video for the overall blend & each individual blend ingredient included

The Box: Yoko Tea
A monthly subscription of amazing loose-leaf teas from around the world
Price: From $9.94 / month
Highlights: *3-5 varieties of fine teas; *classic, deluxe or 3-month option; *via; *every box supports a cause (planting trees in Haiti, etc.)

Receive curated artisanal chocolate from finest craft bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country, delivered monthly
Price: $27.50 / month
Highlights: *3 unique bars from featured chocolate maker; *always hand-processed and produced in small batches

The Box: Julibox
Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by Julibox world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. Recipes and all the required spirits and mixers included.
Price: $40 / month
Highlights: *two featured cocktail recipes; *enough ingredients to make 4 cocktails;

The Box: StyleMint  
Get styled with exclusive designs by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. Create your style profile to view your Showroom selected for you. 
Price: All styles start at $29.99 each (free shipping) 
Highlights: *membership starts with your first purchase; *buy or skip a month with no charge during first 5 days of the month; *credits valid across all Mint sites; *personalized showroom

The Box: JewelMint  
Inspired by the runway, vintage jewelry and on-trend celebrity style, JewelMint offers a versatile collection each month and recommends pieces that match your personal style. Create your style profile to view pieces that best match your style. 
Price: All pieces start at $29.99 each (free shipping) 
Highlights: *one of the Mint site; *buy or skip a month with no charge; *credits valid across all Mint sites; *free shipping and returns; *personalized showroom

The Box: ShoeMint 
ShoeMint offers a versatile shoe collection where you create a style profile and get exclusive designs recommended to you by Rachel Bilson. You shop the styles you love or skip the month. 
Price: $78.98 per pair 
Highlights: *one of the Mint sites; *buy or skip a month with no charge: *personalized showroom; *insider trend reports & style tips: *credits valid across all Mint sites

The Box: IntiMint  
Create a free style profile and every month, find new lingerie looks designed and curated for every mood and occasion 
Price: Styles start at $19.99 each 
Highlights: *one of the Mint sites; *credits valid across all Mint sties; *free shipping and returns; *welcome gift with first order

The Box: ShoeDazzle  
ShowDazzle is a ‘premier shoe society” that delivers to you one pair of shoes every month, handpicked for you by their fashion experts. 
Price: Varies 
Highlights: *style quiz and personalized recommendations; *Rachel Zoe as Chief Stylist’ *shows from renowned designers, boutique brands and exclusives; *daily deal

The Box: Sole Society  
A new way to shop, Sole Society delivers high quality shoe styles at affordable price. You get a $100 item for $50 because it’s direct to you. 
Price: From $49.95 / item 
Highlights: *exclusive designs; *no retail markup; *free shipping both ways

The Box: Shoe Privee  
The ultimate private online shoe club with no membership fees, Show Privee offers varies show styles to members 
Price: Varies by style 
Highlights: *referral program & rewards

The Box: JustFab  
Get VIP access to the most sought-after women's shoes and handbags handpicked for you based on your personal style. 
Price: $39.95 / style 
Highlights: *handpicked styles from a personalized stylist; *free shipping & returns

The Box: Golden Tote  
Hand-picked fashion items – clothing and accessories – packaged in a custom tote bag for one great price, based on your style profile 
Price: $49 tote (2 items up to $250 value) or $149 tote (6-7 items up to $600 value) 
Highlights: *clothes designed & produced exclusively for Golden Tote; *surprise grab bag / tote; *ability to select one and two items from the $49 and the $149 totes, respectively

The Box: Elizabeth & Clarke  
A clothing subscription service for women that sends you up to three designer-quality blouses / shirts / tops in neutral colors each season 
Price: Starts at $20 / shirt (Starter, Signature and Premium Collection) 
Highlights: *designer-quality shirts; *fashion-forward styling: *quality fabrics

The Box: The List by i-Ella  
A monthly fashion subscription grab bag, where you will receive the ultimate gift bag selected just for you – based on your personal style 
Price: Three options: Starter Bag for $59; Soho Bag for $129 and St. Barth Bag for $389 
Highlights: *must commit to a minimum of 3 months; *each bag will include 2-5 pieces with 1-2 designer pieces plus free products & samples; *focus on latest, on-trend style & pieces

The Box: Ditsies  
A luxury underwear subscription, Ditsies sends you one pair of undies tailored to you taste, monthly 
Price: $12 / month 
Highlights: *style tailored to your personal taste; *made in NYC; *10% of profits go to a charity; *ability to skip a month

The Box: Pink Beryl Essentials  
Each and every month, our stylists will present you with the latest style of tights, personalized to your profile 
Price: $12 / month 
Highlights: *style profile / quiz; *welcome package contains two pairs of tights

The Box: Discover Pique  
Receive a personalized recommendation of luxe stockings, European pantyhose, fine hosiery and more curated for you based on your style profile 
Price: $25 / month (Luxe plan: 1 item) or $48 / month (Deluxe plan: 1-3 items) 
Highlights: *style profile / quiz; *two different monthly plans

The Box: Sock Panda  
Sock Panda's sock subscription service sends you high quality socks with fun designs every month 
Price: $11 per pair 
Highlights: *target to both male and female customers; * bold or / and cool socks; *number of pairs per month can be customized

The Box: Foot Cardigan  
A subscription service that sends you one pair of "delightfully unusual socks” monthly; they invite you to "show your feet some love" 
Price: $11 / month ($9 + $2 shipping) 
Highlights: *more targeted to male customers: *focus on unusual / conversation starter pairs

The Box: Chic Peek  
A VIP membership program that offers access to stylists and trendy jewelry at members only prices; receive one piece of jewelry monthly 
Price: $30 / month 
Highlights: *free priority shipping; *trend reports’ *referral program

The Box: Rocks Box  
Receive three pieces of designer jewelry to rent at a time for one low monthly price, wear your pieces for up to 60 days and buy what you love at a discount 
Price: $19 / month 
Highlights: *average retail of $50-$150 per piece; *ability to exchange your set as often as you like; *$20 purchase discount

The Box: Twistband Club  
Hand-picked Twistband treats delivered to your door every month! Your box will contain a mix of products with $12-$16 value 
Price: $10 / month 
Highlights: *need to select from a 3-, 6- or 12-month membership; *box will contain a mix of Twistband products - always hair ties, but we also may include headbands, shoelaces or fun new products

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