Monday, February 11, 2013

PopSugar Must Have February *SPOILER*

{NEW: I posted some PopSugar Must Have March *SPOILERS*, if you like to take a peek}
I love my PopSugar Must Have Box and every month, I'm impatiently waiting for it and, though I've tried to remain "spoiler-free", I always end up looking for spoilers to see what's coming my way. This month is no different. If you are unlike me and want to remain spoiler-free so that the contents of your box can be a surprise, you should stop reading this. But if you "simply cannot wait", then go on and take a peek.

I'm on the makeuptalk forum and one of the ladies has finally received her box and here is what is said to be in it. Please have in mind I do not have my box yet, so the actual contents may turn out to be somewhat different.

A snapshot of what is said / rumored to be included:

  1. A pair of Hanky Panky thongs
  2. Sweethearts Conversation Hearts candy box 
  3. MarieBelle Tresor box of chocolates 
  4. Brokedown Spa Wrap (this seems to be the same brand as the scarf in the September PopSugar Must Have box)
  5. Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner
  6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
  7. "Safe Haven" Book by Nicholas Sparks (plus song download)

    I can only say that this box does look really promising and it is in line with the Valentine's Day / Oscars / pampering theme. I can't wait to get mine so that I can get a first-hand look at the items. Besides, I've always liked everything much better when I see the contents of the box in person.

    What do you think of the PopSugar Must Have February Box Spoiler?

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