Saturday, February 16, 2013

"It's a Box World": Subscription Box Directory & Comparison List

I am finally ready to reveal my extensive Subscription Box Directory & Comparison List. Based on the amount of time it is taking me to research all the companies and collect the information to build that list, I could easily title it It’s a Box World. Indeed, it does feel that there is a subscription service for everything and anything you can actually put in a box. Rather than wait until I’m done with all subscriptions, I'm sharing what I've compiled so far from what's turning out to be a very long list – well, I organized it in a way that it's more than just a laundry list.

The “boxes” in this directory are segmented in twelve (12) major categories. If a box belongs to more than one category, I’ve classified it to the one that best reflects its major focus (e.g. True Beauty box is under Eco-friendly rather than under Beauty boxes). Then, for each subscription box, I have included the i) name / website, ii) short description, iii) the price and iv) some highlights. That last point is my attempt to differentiate, if at all possible, the given subscription box from the rest in the batch. It was important for me to include this observation because, when I was researching the “myriad” of boxes out there, I found myself putting down some short summary notes on each to help me remember it somehow. The highlights should be helpful if you are trying to compare a few subscription boxes within the same category. For example, I have compared some of the most popular Beauty Boxes to help me decide which one I should go with. You can take a look at it here. 

Today, I'm posting the first four categories (in bold below) that include about 60 subscription boxes. You can check them out on the  Subscription Boxes Directory page.
I’m working on the rest of the categories, so please check back soon.
  1. Lifestyle boxes (span multiple sub-categories: home, beauty, food, fashion, fitness & health, etc.)
  2. Home boxes (entertaining / decorating / arts & collectibles, stationary etc.)
  3. Beauty boxes (makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrance)
  4. Mom, Baby & Kids boxes (includes mom-to-be, new mom, baby, kids’ crafts, kids’ clothing boxes)
  5. Fashion boxes (clothing, accessories)
  6. Food & Drink boxes (snacks, food-only, coffee, tea)
  7. Indie / Homemade boxes
  8. Crafts / Hobbies / DIY boxes
  9. Eco-friendly / Green / Health-conscious boxes (some span across categories)
  10. Men (span more than one category, e.g. fashion, beauty, clothing, but exclusively focused on men)
  11. Pets
  12. “Special” Category boxes: “Time-of-the-month”, “Adult”, Miscellaneous

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