Saturday, February 23, 2013

Graze Box Review: Lightbox # 3

My Graze Healthy Snacks Box #3 finally showed up yesterday - more than a week later. Since they had more initial sign-ups than expected, Graze has been working through some delivery issues, but they've been proactive and accommodating about the delays - that's at least my experience with them... Now to the box - this #3 Lightbox has probably been my least favorite so far - not that I didn't like it, it just wasn't as memorable as the previous two. Tale a look:
My Graze Lightbox included four snacks with less than 150 calories each. This week Graze sent me: Hot Cross Yum (yum! indeed), Olive & Rosemary Bruschetta, Date & Banana Loaf and Bounty Hunter (a couple of "tries", one "like" and one "love").
Hot Cross Yum: Orange raisins, sponge pieces & cinnamon honey almonds
This was my favorite snack from the box and of it, the orange raisins are seriously delicious. I love anything orange but have never had orange raisins before - very, very yummy. The Hot Cross Yum had the perfect level of sweetness and crunch, that's definitely one of my "love" snacks.
Olive & Rosemary Bruschetta: Olive croutons, rosemary & garlic cashews & tomato baguettes 
I initially had ranked this with a "like" but didn't like it that much, so I changed it to a "try". My favorite item were the cashews, the rest was just too salty and somewhat "artificial-tasting" to me.
Date & Banana Loaf: Dates, banana, yoghurt seeds & cinnamon raisins
I liked that though I had ranked it initially with a "love". It is yummy but I found the dates too sugary... and I do like dates, it's just that I would perhaps enjoy it just as Date & Banana Loaf...
Bounty Hunter: Belgian milk chocolate, coconut & cranberries
I liked this mix but it wasn't anything "special". I love coconut so that's always a winning ingredient for me, but I just prefer it with dark rather than milk chocolate (my little girl "took care" of the chocolate for me).

My verdict: I'm still loving Graze box. Although box #3 was not my favorite, I still enjoyed the goodies selectively. My Lightbox #4 is already on its way (yeah, my favorite Onion Marmalade / Oat Cakes are in there!).
If you want to try Graze, it is currently by invitation only. You can sign up and get your first box for free with my invite code 4DCWNCRD (Graze has put a limit on the number of invites we can give out, but I believe I have one more left).

For other monthly subscription boxes in many categories, check out my EXTENSIVE Subscription Boxes Directory!

What do you think of Graze? What is your favorite snack? If you receive other snack boxes, how does Graze compare?

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