Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Daily Find: Nordstrom Rack For Hautelook

My fabulous find for today can be summed up in one sentence - you can now shop Nordstrom Rack on Hautelook. No, not just today, but any time - that is based on the announcement Hautelook just made.  Hautelook, a Nordstrom company and one of the more popular daily deal sites, seems to be expanding / enhancing its business model to give more access for its customers to great deals - not just for a limited time (like for its usual sale events) but any time and on demand from Nordstrom Rack. 

To me, this makes great sense and it is certainly enabled by Hautelook's parent company. In addition to being available on demand, all Nordstrom Rack purchases made on Hautelook will ship in 1-3 days. The typical shipping on Hautelook events purchases is usually slower, due to the different supply chain model in place.

I took a quick look through the offers and there are some great finds at deep discounts. For me, that's just an extra incentive to visit the site repeatedly.

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Do you shop Hautelook? What are your favorite daily deal sites and why?

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