Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Daily Find: Happy Family Brands on Zulily

One of my favorite baby food brands - Happy Family - is on zulily today. My 16-month old son loves the Happy Baby and Happy Tot fruit, veggie and meal pouches - and they are good - both good-tasting (I always try his food) and healthy! 
If you are a fan, you can stock up on some of their amazing flavors at a good price point. I am an Amazon Prime customer and typically buy those there, but I checked on a couple of the flavors and they are ~ 20% lower currently on zulily. Even with the shipping, it should still be a good deal. Besides, there are some flavors offered - like the Happy Tot Morning varieties - that I could not find elsewhere. These are some of the flavors I'll be getting for my son:

Happy Tot Morning Apple, Cinnamon, Yoghurt & Oats - he is a huge fan of any apple / cinnamon combos, so hoping he'll this one, as well:

Happy Tot Yohurt Orange, Apple & Sweet Potato - it's not often that I find orange in baby food, so this should be interesting to try:
Have you tried Happy Family for your baby / toddler? What are your favorite baby / toddler food brands?

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