Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Subscription Boxes Coupon Codes & New Subs: April 2013 (cont)

*NEW: Check out these latest (4/26) mom & kid sub box offers from Plum District!

I have already posted about some subscription box coupons & new subs at the beginning of this month, however I "need" to post again because some great new offers & subs are available. As usual, I've listed the expiration dates where known. Here is the list:

Promo & Coupon Codes:
New Subs & Promo Codes:
  • Cycleface: A brand new box, Cycleface brings pro-level nutrition specifically targeted for cyclist. Tshe site is "not live yet" but you can fill out a survey & submit your email to get your invite. 
  • Bleu Box: A new monthly jewelry and accessories subscription box by the online shop Bleu Vintage. There are two options - Bleu Box Silver: costs $24.99 and currently offered for $19.99 and Bleu Box Gold: costs $49.99 and currently offered for $39.99  - NO CODE NEEDED
  • Stride Box: A new monthly subscription box for runners that delivers an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products for $15 / month.
  • Pretty Box: A new subscription box by the online shop In a Pretty Box offering luxury gifts for women for different occasions. Currently, there is a Beauty Box starting at $17 and an Artisan Feature Box starting at $42
  • Treatsie: This just might be the box I've been waiting for! Treatsie is a brand new curated sample box of artisan candy from ever changing confectioners offered for $15 a month. The box seems to be popular as they announced on their Facebook page that they've already reached their subscriber limit for May. You can sign up on their waiting list....
It's hard to keep up with all the new entrants in the subscription eCommerce space. There seems to be new entrants at the two sides of the spectrum. On one hand, there are new very targeted box offerings -  such as specific sports boxes, and on the other - there are companies offering many various boxes depending on occasion / price / etc. The most intriguing new box for me from this list is definitely Treatsie - I might just have to try it once it becomes available.

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