Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion Subscription Boxes Added to the List

While my Subscription Boxes List & Directory is taking longer than expected, I'm making progress. I've just added close to 20 fashion subscription boxes. Included in the Fashion Subscription category are:
  • Clothing boxes
  • Accessories boxes - including shoes, jewelry (quite a few of these monthly subs), handbags, hair ties, etc.
  • Clothing / accessories combination - e.g. Golden Tote
  • "Personal Shopper" Type boxes - e.g. The List by i-Ella (I have to admit, that is one of the subs I really want to try; the initial reviews / feedback seem quite positive)
I have tried StyleMint and of the few pieces I've ordered, I did like most - I liked the soft fabric and whimsical designs (like of this tee). However there were a couple "misses" mostly because of sizing and / or cut issues.

Don't forget to check out the other categories in the Subscription Boxes Directory (now has close to 110 subscriptions included) and stop back often as I'm adding to the rest of the list.

What fashion / accessories subs have you tried? What are your favorite?

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