Saturday, April 6, 2013

POPSUGAR Must Have Box April 2013 Review

My April POPSUGAR Must Have Box showed up at my door today - that is the earliest it has arrived since I've been with the sub! I already had an idea what was in the box and while I was expecting to really like the contents, I just loved everything! Take a look:

April's theme is about "embracing Spring and getting in the eco spirit" with Earth Day around the corner (April 22). With the help of an Eco-friendly four-in-one garment bag, a classic fresh scent, some jewelry and some treats I don't think getting into Spring-mood would be a problem at all. Here are the details:

Must Have Food:
Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate ($3.50): I've seen this brand in my local Whole Foods store but have never tried it. I loved it and to no surprise, as I simply love dark chocolate! I also love quinoa, but I've never had it in chocolate before. I found the combination delicious, in addition to it being healthy. I'll definitely be buying more of this brand - the included $1 off coupon will be used.

Must Have Beauty:

Kai Perfume Oil ($36): I've heard of this oil before and know it has celebrity fans following. I found the scent of "gardenia and white exotic flowers" really appealing. It's very fresh and light, not over-flowery at all; it really is spring-y. Also, the more it wears, the lighter the gardenia scent becomes and the more I can smell sweet and warmer notes... It's a roll-on bottle and it will be perfect for my summer travels and to bring in my purse for on the go touch-ups. I know some people don't like getting perfume in their subs as it's personal, however I like trying out new perfumes and don't mind getting these little treats (the fact that they come in little packages is definitely a plus) from time to time.

Must Have Fashion:

The Green Garmento Four-in-one Reusable Garment Bag ($9.98): I've never heard of this brand before but the idea seems cool and definitely Eco-friendly as it converts from hamper to duffel to bring clothes to the dry cleaner, to garment bag. I'll most probably be using this as a travel garment bag for my upcoming summer trip (going to a June wedding) and will then be using it to store some of my winter coats. I would have preferred if it did not have the POPSUGAR logo on, especially when I use it as a travel garment bag, however it's not a deal breaker.

Must Have Fashion:

Shashi New Nugget Bracelet ($22): This two-tone gold nugget bracelet is fun and can be stacked up with other bracelets for a unique look. I got the gray color and I love it! The information card said POPSUGAR picked three colors for the April's box: cobalt, turquoise and gray. I am a bit partial to any shade of blue, but the gray is also very nice and neutral.

Must Have Beauty:

Tatcha Petal Fresh Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers ($15): These evening clutch-size papers are said to keep your skin's natural moisture and not mess up your make-up. I typically don't carry blotting papers in my bag but now that I have these, I'll definitely throw them in and use them.

My verdict: I'm loving every single item in my April's Popsugar Must Have Box! While it may be the box with the least number of items included so far (no extras this month and supposedly, the lightest box yet; and at just under $87 in value it is the lowest-value box I received so far) - it is the contents that count and in this case, I will use every single item in the box. I especially like the fact that a few of the items will come handy in my summer plans (upcoming trips & wedding). To me, this is definitely a successful box.

If you want to sign up for POPSUGAR Must Have Box, you can learn more here. Use coupon code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box.

What did you think of April's Must Have box? 

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