Wednesday, October 30, 2013

StyleMint Mystery Bag Review Fall 2013

I've been a subscriber to StyleMint ever since I got a coupon in one of my monthly lifestyle boxes (more than a year ago). This is the first time I'm doing a review - I've had an almost love-hate relationship with the sub... the negative coming mostly from the fact that I need to remember to skip a month if I don't want to be charged. However, the few times I received clothes from StyleMint I was pleasantly surprised with their quality. StyleMint ran a friends & family sale last week and, since I had a credit to use, I jumped at the Mystery Bag sale. The bag cost $34.99 and was guaranteed to have at least 3 pieces of clothing. I received it today and I like the style and quality of the clothing.

I received three items and although the dress is a duplicate from my spring mystery bag, I'm OK with that. I will gift it to my sister-in-law as it's totally her style. Here are the pieces in more detail:
Laura Cashmere Sweater ($89.97, currently sold out)
This is a 100% cashmere sweater in a a true pumpkin color (Stylemint calls it 'winter orange'). The photos on the website does not do this justice - so, I would've never ordered based on that. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. While it's not the softest quality cashmere I've owned, I still like it, especially the color. The cut is classic and fitted.
Parker Vest ($59.98, currently sold out)
This was the other item in the mystery bag I really liked. That is definitely not something I would typically order on my own, but that's a good thing. The vest is playful, soft and flattering. It'll look good over a dress or a shirt, with or without a belt. It is actually perfect over the pumpkin-colored cashmere sweater.
Falls Dress ($29.99, currently sold out)
This is an easy, lightweight dress - goes really well with leggings or on its own. I think the back of the dress is not the most flattering, especially for petite frames, thus I didn't wear it as much as I thought I would. Since I already own it, I hope my sister-in-law likes the duplicate I send to her.

Verdict: Overall, I am quite pleased with the items I received in my mystery bag. The value of the bag is close to $180 which is more than 5 times what I paid for the bag - can't beat that! I can't wait to wear my new pumpkin-colored sweater and my soft fluffy vest.

If you'd like to learn more about StyleMint, you can do so here. If you want to become a StyleMint subscriber and would like to sign up using my referral link, you can do so here. Thank you!

Are you subscribed to StyleMint; did you get a Mystery Bag? What other clothing subs do you use / consider?

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