Friday, May 10, 2013

Subscription Boxes Coupon Codes & New Subs (Bonjour Jolie, etc.): May 2013

Hello everyone! It is May in full bloom and there are some great new subscription boxes and new coupon codes worth sharing. Here is the list:

Subscription Box Promo & Coupon Codes:
  • PopSugar Must Have Box: Rare 50% off code for past subscribers. Use code TAKE50 to get 50% off your box (expires May 11, 2013)
  • Fancy Box: Use code 20OFF16 for $20 off. There's a Jennifer Love Hewett Fancy box that I'm very tempted to order. 
  • Hello Flo: Use code ADDICTION to save $10 off your first time-of-month box (regularly $14-$16  / month)
  • Citrus Lane: Get 50% off your first box with code FIRSTBOX. Regular price is $25 / month.
New Subscription Boxes & Codes:
  • Bonjour Jolie: A brand new Time-of-Month box, started by a mom-daughter team that has been receiving some rave reviews since their 'official' opening May 1st. With the motto "Pamper Your Period", this box offers something more than you typical time-of-month box - it is designed exclusively for women to be pampered during their period. Each box contains feminine products, specialty bath and body items, gift and fine chocolates. Bonjour Jolie is definitely different than other time-of-month boxes  - it positions itself with a more unique time-of-month / pampering proposition and based on some of the reviews, the concept seems to be very well executed. Tempted? I know I am... You can get your box for $16 / month + S&H.
  • Ambition Box: A new beauty subscription box, Ambition Box was started by two sisters and it is "for anyone who loves beauty and health products and has Ambition for life". Cost is $15 / month.
  • A Poir Toi: A new gourmet subscription service, A Poir Toi (means: a present for you) offer personalized, high-end, healthier, gourmet gift boxes with a French touch. The cost if $58 / month - definitely a bit on the pricey side, but the items look delicious.
Overall impressions & trends: The trend of expansion in the subscription eCommerce space didn't disappoint this month either. Since there is a box for almost anything imaginable out there already, it seems that new entrants bet on differentiation as a way to become successful. In addition to some of the niche boxes that opened in April, differentiating your subscription service in a market that seems to become already saturated might be exactly what these new entrants need to gain popularity and ultimate success. Of course, the concept needs to be flawlessly executed and consistent, as well.  Of the new bunch this month, I'm definitely intrigued by Bonjour Jolie as they seem to be off to a great start. 

Do you know of any new subs this month? What is the company that caught your attention and why?

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