Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodies Co. Guests Can Now Shop Its Online Store

Goodies Co. - the $7 food subscription service that delivers 5-8 new foods monthly - has just opened its online store to guests users. Until now, only its subscribers could buy the full-size treats featured in the Taster's Box. Now everyone can get a hold of these treats by checking-out as a guest. Shipping is always $5. They have a Valentine's Day Gift Box featured that is full of chocolates and looks quite delicious.

Goodies Co. Valentine's Day Gift Box

I'm in line to receive my first Goodies Taster's Box in February, so I am yet to comment on the goodies from personal experience. However, based on some of the reviews of boxes from January and December, I am really excited for the opportunity to buy some of the items online. I find the way the items are reviewed - across taste, uniqueness, packaging and overall criteria - useful. Also, there are quite a few reviews already which seems to be a good indication of popularity and overall quality of the foods offered. Can't wait to get my February Taster's Box!

Are you a Goodies Co. subscriber? If not, would be buying some of the treats in their online store?

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