Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Body Oil - basq Resilient Body Oil Review

How I Found It: basq CALM Resilient Body Oil is a product I was introduced to last year through one of my past subscriptions (*). At the time, I was in the middle of my pregnancy and was looking for a skincare product to help moisturize, tone and protect my expanding belly against stretch marks. I have heard of basq products and was thrilled to find a bottle of their CALM Lavender Pear Resilient Body Oil in my box.

basq Resilient Body Oil - CALM, Trio and REVIVE
What It Promised: The description said that the “resilient body oil base blends some of the finest oils available for full body toning and stretch mark care” and that “nothing nourishes skin like Essential Fatty Acid rich oils Hazelnut, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil provide intense skin cell nourishment with Essential Fatty Acids and naturally occurring Vitamins that protect skin from damage.” In addition, I found the scent of “French grown lavender with a hint of pear for a soft and soothing aroma” just heavenly – not overpowering, but subtle and relaxing.

What It Did for Me: I tried it and since then, this oil has become part of my daily skincare routine. Even now, when I’m no longer pregnant, this product is one of my must have’s. I have tried other body oils before but found most of them to be too oily. Not this one – it quickly absorbs into the skin, making it feel toned and moisturized; and I have been using it throughout the seasons, not just in cold weather. I have no stretch marks and while I can’t credit exclusively this product for that fact (as I didn’t have any with my first child either), I do believe it helped. That and the fact that my skin feels and looks better; and the Lavender Pear scent is just so relaxing, sweet and intricate at the same time; I am almost addicted to it. For a person who is not a big fan of lavender scented products, as I find that many tend to be too overpowering, I think that the lavender has found its perfect match in basq CALM Lavender Pear Body Oil.

Once I ran out of my first bottle, I bought the Resilient Body Oil Trio set (a better value) that, in addition to the CALM scent, also includes the REVIVE (Grapefruit Citrus) and the FRESH (Eucalyptus Spa) scents. While CALM still remains my favorite, I like both REVIVE and FRESH (more uplifting and refreshing) and use the different bottles depending on time of the day and my mood.

basq was started by two moms to create “gentle, effective products that splurge on beauty and deliver on results”, and has gained some great reviews, awards and celeb popularity in the last year. If interested, you can learn more about the company here.

Have you heard of and tried any of basq products? Are you a fan of body oils and if so, I'd love to hear about your favorites?

(* – a mom & baby box offered by Glossybox for a few months in 2012, has since then suspended service)

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