Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Sub Box Alternative? - Swaggable Lets You Try Products for Free

The company: Swaggable, a company that lets you test products free and share your experience via reviews with Facebook friends, started in beta in early 2012. It has received some press in Mashable, Forbes, etc.

The products: The products run across multiple categories – cosmetics & beauty, snacks, kids’ products, health & wellness, beverages, etc. In terms of the brands, there are some I am already familiar with, such as Pangea Organics and Nature’s Gate (I currently use their Pomegranate Sunflower Hair Defense Shampoo and I really like it) and others I have never heard of before, such as Purity Cosmetics.
Some of my "WANTS ITEMS" on Swaggable
How it works: Once you sign up, you browse across the categories and identify the products that interest you by putting them in your “Wants” list. You look through reviews, spread the word among your friends and wait for Swaggable to invite you to try products – always shipped free.

My initial verdict: Based on some of the reviews I’ve read, it seems that there are products I’d definitely like – such as this Fennel Grapefruit and Orange Lip Balm by PangeaOrganics or this Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. I like this idea of “social marketing” where the idea is to connect consumers directly with marketers, let them try products and then share their opinions with their friends. If the this model gains popularity, I see Swaggable almost as a competitor to some of the monthly subscription services out there (those where offered brands would overlap) – as you will get to try some of the products for free… Now, I will have to wait and see how the model actually works before I can make my final verdict; more to come.

Have you heard of Swaggable? Are you interested? What do you think of the whole model?

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